Holidays in paradise

Holidays in paradise

  • 4 Tips to Help You Have the Most Fun on Your Clubbing Holiday

    Going on a summer clubbing holiday with friends or family can be an exhilarating experience. Taking a week or two off to party like there's no tomorrow can drain you of both energy and resources, however, especially if you don't plan your trip carefully. The following are four tips to help you plan the perfect clubbing holiday, with the right mix of fun, safety and thriftiness. 1. Plan your wardrobe

  • Some Different Types Of Australian Visas

    While there may be an almost confusing amount of different visas allowing a person to enter and stay in Australia, the visa system is geared towards the good of the country. Compare this with, for example, the United Kingdom, which, as part of the European Union, is obliged to let people from another E.U. member state into its country; this is regardless of skill level and benefit the country gains from having them.

  • About Me

    Holidays in paradise

    It's just heavenly being able to take holidays in the south of France. The light is different to anywhere in the world, it's golden and makes the plainest items look like works of art. The towns run to a different pace to our life in Australia. The days here revolve around food, wine and spending time with loved one. Work is just something they sneak into the gaps, a necessary evil if you will. If you want to know more about the trips I plan to the south of France, and what to ask your travel agent, then read on.